18th Dec 2013

Oil Change Stickers

Oil Change Stickers

Oil Shop Supplies offers two solutions for oil change stickers.

1. Handwritten Stickers

2. Printer Stickers


The printer stickers are ideal for better legibility, ease of use, and ink that lasts. With handwritten stickers, the information handwritten will tend to fade within 1-2 months of being in direct sunlight. Printer stickers will last 12+ months without fading meaning the customer knows when to come back for their next service. Printer stickers look more professional than tradional handwritten stickers. Order a printer today! Click Here


The handwritten oil change stickers are ideal for a small service station. Oil Shop Supplies will print your logo and contact information on your label which is a great way of branding your shop.

Order handwritten stickers today! Click Here


Custom logos are available for both Printer and Handwritten Stickers. Choose between static cling or the brand new ultra removable adhesive labels (popular for colder climates).


Contact your Oil Shop Representative if you have any questions at 855-645-4200.